Have you made use of the NFC feature on your BlackBerry smartphone yet? I haven't yet but Adam certainly has  -- and very soon I'll probably get around to trying it out with NFC tags as well. I've seen some stores in the UK equipped with payment points that are NFC ready and would like to see these enable soon.

Recently, we saw Orange UK and EAT, the restaurant chain bring NFC features to the store giving you daily treats. Back in November 2011, it was announced that RIM and partner Telefonica Digital would bring NFC payments to BlackBerry smartphones. The solution is brought about by Telefonica's BlackBerry Wallet, where you keep all your virtual credit cards and make payments using an NFC-enabled BlackBerry device.

It certainly is a great start to making use of NFC-enabled devices and hopefully we will see more and more businesses adopt the technology to allow us to make payments faster. Check out the video above to see the Telefonica Digital Wallet in action.

Would you use the NFC feature of you BlackBerry smartphone if more stores activate NFC payments? Sound off in the comments!