In the UK, BlackBerry decided to take the BlackBerry Experience on the road to make more people aware of their newest device, the BlackBerry Z10. Since late February 2013, the BlackBerry Experience has been going around the major cities giving potential customers a taste of what BlackBerry 10 can give. It will drop by the larger cities in the UK, taking place within shopping malls. In the larger malls there will even by a green screen available so you can recreate the BlackBerry 10 Keep you Moving ads. You can check out the BlackBerry Experience team's video above too.

From March 14th-17th the BlackBerry Experience hits Glasgow and also Birmingham. In CrackBerry fashion, it was only right to drop by and see what it was all about. I took a trip to Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow and found it located on the ground floor. It was just after lunch time so it wasn't that busy, I walked up to one of the device tables and was immediately approached by one of the Experience team and asked if I wanted a demo. I said go ahead. She went through showing me all the key features I love about BlackBerry 10 from peek and flow, the keyboard and even demonstrated the Time-Shift camera with another member of the team. They knew what they were doing and demoed it well. Then again, I love the device so I was already pumped to go check the whole thing out anyway.

Afterwards, I was asked what device I owned and had a BlackBerry Z10 and love it. I was then told I can get a randomly drawn prize since I owned a BlackBerry device. In certain parts of the device tables were fitted with NFC tags where they team would use their Z10s to randomly pick a prize for me. I won a BlackBerry Z10 mug for me to enjoy my coffee in the morning.

I stayed for a while, it wasn't a busy period of the day but there were still many that stopped by to have a go on the device. This BlackBerry Experience tour is certainly great for raising awareness on the product and gives people a chance to try it out too and really see how the device works. Sure most mobile phone stores have live phones now but the sales staff aren't always clued up on them as they should be. This way, there is a dedicated team to showcase the features of the phone. I've read many reviews on the BlackBerry Z10 on other sites and too often see comments where people have said the gestures look time consuming and are too much hassle. These are the people that need to hold a device in hands and try it out first.

There are no BlackBerry Z10s or accessories for sale at the venues but since they're being held in shopping malls, you get directed to the different mobile phone shops around to make a purchase. This is where trying convert those potential customers into actual customers becomes difficult. But the fact that this type tour exists is still a good thing.

As far the free BlackBerry swag goes, I walked away with a Z10 mug and a stress ball. I've been told by others who have visited other locations that the are also messenger bags, free song downloads and screen cleaners. There are still many cities on the tour and you can see the list below for your nearest venue. Be sure to check it out before though. Glasgow's venue was not original venue listed, good thing I tweeted BlackBerry UK first. 


  • Shephard's Bush, Westfield 21st - 24th Feb
  • Stratford, Westfield 28th Feb - 3rd March
  • Canary Wharf 11th - 13th March


  • Dartford, Kent, Bluewater 7th - 10th March


  • Cardiff, St David's 21st - 24th Feb


  • Bristol, Cabot Circus 4th - 7th April
  • Southampton 29th March - 1st April


  • Derby, Westfield 28th Feb - 3rd March
  • Birmingham, Bullring 14th - 17th March
  • Leicester 4th - 7th April


  • Manchester, Trafford Centre 7th - 10th March
  • Glasgow, Breahead 14th - 17th March
  • Newcastle, Metrocentre 21st - 24th March
  • Sheffield 28th March - 1st April