At the end of May, we announced the release of an app called Blue. A client for the social media site Today, we take a look at the app in closer detail and see how it does being the first ADN app client for the BlackBerry, let alone BlackBerry 10.

Blue has been updated since its initial release and with the update came a couple of new features. Though, just like ADN itself, the app is still in the early stages. It allows you to basically scroll through your timeline, update your status and interact with other ADN users. Which is really what you'll be doing anyway.

When you first load the app you are presented with your timeline. It always loads with the most recent posts first. You can pull down to refresh too. Icons along the bottom are for your timeline, mentions, global posts and to write a post. Within the menu you get those same options plus a search option and the recently added Interactions page. Much like with Twitter, the Interactions page shows you all those who have recently followed, replied or reposted you. Definitely a welcome addition to the update. For now the search option is just for hashtags, not people.

Using the app is pretty straightforward but unless you check out the help, it may not be clear from the start how you would reply to a post. I didn't read it first but eventually figured it out after I was trying to tap a post and nothing happened. So, for those who may wonder (or who don't watch the video demo), you have to tap and hold a post to bring up further actions. From there you can reply, repost, quote, star or share a post, as well as view the user's profile.

All-in-all, the app runs smoothly. I haven't had any issues with the way it runs whatsoever. The developer is also very open to feedback and suggestions. So far, the known features coming soon are the ability to upload a picture, add your geolocation and search.

If you haven't checked out before. It is a social media site much like Twitter. However, since it is subscription based, there isn't any spam or advertising. You can also write a lot more than 140 characters. At 256 characters, there's certainly enough space to say more. With the ability to see global posts, much like the global posts you see on Google+, you can interact even with people you don't follow.

As mentioned, is a subscription based service. So, while the Blue is free to download, it does require you to have an ADN account. The good news is that we have invites available for you. This allows you to register for a free account, so you can check out what the service has to offer.

You can find some of the team on there too, if you like to give us a follow.

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