ClipMan Clipboard Manager updated with improved import and export support

ClipMan Clipboard Manager is a useful and headless application that allows you to quickly and easily copy and paste multiple lines of text to any application on BlackBerry 10. No matter if you are using for business or personal reasons, you can move text or paste pre-filled responses to get things done. Recently, ClipMan was updated to improve the export and import mechanism as well as fixing an issue with the display for the BlackBerry Passport.

In this version, the developer implemented several enhancements and fixes to the export and import mechanism. These changes will not affect previously exported items, so you will not have to worry about losing text blocks and clips.

You can read the full change log below.

New features in ClipMan


  • Fixed a small issue with the wide display of the BlackBerry Passport

Reworked the export and import mechanism:

  • Added a dialog box to export based on a filter (i.e. locked or favorited clips)
  • You can't overwrite older XML files by accident
  • The document folder is now selected by default when exporting
  • The information if a clip is favorited or locked is now included in the export file just like the latest TurboReader or ReadOut position
  • Improved support for special characters
  • It doesn't happen always, but it could occur, so ClipMan now tries to remove duplicate entries from your database after an import
  • The dialog box now shows how many clips were exported
  • Additionally, there is now a Menu entry added to the Info (About) Page where you can automatically search for duplicates in the ClipMan database

ClipMan Clipboard Manager is $1.99 for BlackBerry 10.

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