There are a variety of useful productivity applications available at your fingertips from BlackBerry World. One such application, ClipMan Clipboard Manager, is a useful and headless application for BlackBerry 10 and there is a reason for this.

First and foremost, our BlackBerry devices are an amazing tool for communicating with friends, family and co-workers. As such, there are going to be times where copying and pasting text from one application to another is necessary, sometimes even more than just one line. Now we’ve given you a quick preview of all the features this tool has to offer, however, since its original release last year, the developer has been hard at work to deliver the best possible experience and quite a few updates were released since then. One of the important ones being headless support.


  • Search function
  • Import and export function to XML File
  • Undelete function (infinite, until you close ClipMan)
  • Receive text via the Share function from other Applications, even when ClipMan is not running
  • Same goes to links from the Browser, just to edit them easily before using them again
  • Write protect important items
  • Start writing from within ClipMan and share text to many different targets
  • Edit the content of the list and push the new text immediately back to the clipboard
  • It integrates itself into your global device search to continue searching for something directly in ClipMan
  • Fast "clean up" function to remove old stuff and keep the list clear (at least firmware 10.2.0 required)
  • Multi-selection to clear several items at once, but the write protected will remain
  • Live display of your current clipboard content at the active frame
  • For 10.2.1 firmware: HEADLESS MODE
  • Filter for protected and unprotected list items, this works even in combination with the search function (at least firmware 10.2.0 required)

The essential function of ClipMan is that it monitors your BlackBerry clipboard for changes and stores this text in its own database. All current content is placed at the top of the list and the interface is allows for quick sharing and viewing. Now that it has gone headless it is no longer an issue as stores several items you’ve copied at once for further reference even if you restart the device.

It is extremely easy to use whether running in the background or as an active frame. Whether you wish to enter in drafts, notes, quick links or numbers, or even create email or text response templates you will always have them accessible to quickly enter into any application. For me, and I don’t speak for everyone, there are times I find it difficult to copy and paste text on my Z10 though again it’s probably me. However, with ClipMan it is has a nice flow. 

There are two additional features that make it stand out. One is the notification alerts function. A simple flash of the LED in green alerts you that text has been copied while a blue flash notifies that text moved to from a lower point in the list to the top. The other is the lock feature. What this means is that if you go into your ClipMan clipboard and want to prevent what you have copied from being wiped you simply tap on the lock feature. Even if you clear the board the item is protected. 

The Good

  • Handy tool for tracking and pasting multiple items added to your clipboard to various applications
  • Built-in search and filter function
  • Lock button to protect important information
  • Ability to change the color scheme of the Active Frame
  • Integrated in the share menu

The Bad

  • Option to switch between dark and light theme for the UI
The Bottom Line

Productivity is key and being able to save time while doing so is definitely a plus. ClipMan is an impressive multi-tasking application that manages your clipboard with ease. Not only does it copy text, but you can insert your own items or combine text to create your own templates for your messages as well as import/export as an XML file. As a feature-rich productivity app you certainly can’t go wrong with using this to move multiple pieces of text between emails, documents to go, text messages, or any other application on your BlackBerry 10 device for only $.99.

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