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The Clingo universal car phone mount is one of those products that does what it says "on the tin." I admit, when I saw the Clingo products in the CrackBerry Store, I was skeptical. My personal Torch 9800 is a fairly heavy device. There was no way that sticky green goop was going to hold my phone. Oh, how wrong I was.

In some ways, this Clingo mount is like many others. The suction cup strongly, and I mean strongly, holds the mount to a windshield. Included is a puck that can be mounted to the dash if you prefer that mounting option. There is an arm that can be maneuvered and locked into several positions. It is there that the similarities end.

Attached at the end of the arm is what I call the "sticky pad." Once your smartphone is attached to this pad, it's not going anywhere. The stickiness was even strong enough to hold my BlackBerry PlayBook, considerably heavier than any smartphone. The car phone mount is not intended for that amount of weight, so I don't recommend you try it. The pad attaches to the arm via a ball joint, giving the mount a huge degree of freedom when positioning your phone "just right."

Allsop, the company that developed the technology, won't say just how the green pad remains sticky use after use after use. Even after the pad loses its stickiness, a quick cleaning brings it back to life. The manufacturer recommends mild soap and water, though I've read elsewhere that wet tissues and even disinfecting wipes may prove useful. Take care when using chemicals around these pads, some solvents will destroy the pad's effectiveness. Once cleaned and dried, the pad sticks just like new.

When removing the device from the pad, it is very important that you peel the device from the pad rather than attempt to pull it off. And that's a rather interesting tidbit. You see, that's one of the keys to how Geckos scale walls. Lately, Science has been learning amazing things about these creatures. Did you know that the hairs on the Gecko's feet actually form a molecular attraction (called van der Walls force) with the surface they're climbing? And did you know that scientists have managed to recreate this biological effect using man-made materials?

Now, I'm not saying the Clingo universal car phone mount is made from Gecko technology. I don't know that for sure. What I do know is that once attached to that sticky pad, your smartphone isn't going anywhere until you want it to.

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