Click's Media Picks

Hey Everyone! We're back again with another exciting Click's Picks. Be sure to click through on the image above to see my favorite BlackBerry wallpapers, ringtones and video picks for the week past.


Now for my top wallpapers, I have gone through our database and picked 5 Wallpapers for each of the 5 big devices.

Storm 95xx: 


Curve 89xx: 


Bold 90xx:


Curve, 83xx, 88xx, 87xx:  


Pearl 81xx: 


There are More Wallpapers in's Wallpaper Gallery or Use the Wallpaper Maker to Create your own AND share them with the Community


Here are 5 of my favorite Ringtones from the site.  

There are many more ringtones for your BlackBerry in's user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Have some to share? Submit them! 

                               Click Here To Download True Blood For Your BlackBerry
                               Click Here To Download Rescue Me For Your BlackBerry

To Download, right mouse click on the links and click Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there. Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture! And for more videos check out Videos4BlackBerry.  

Click's Extra 

Ok So some of you have been asking where the Pearl Flip is on my Picks. Well there really isn't a LOT to chose from. SO if you would like the Pearl Flip added to my Picks every week then all you need to do is start making and uploading TONs and TONs of wallpapers!!

The next issue is themes. Themes aren't part of "media" when it comes to the BlackBerrys, its more of an application sort of thing (you do have to install them). James handles that part every Friday with his application round up. 

See ya next week,

- Click Out!