Click's Media Picks

Welcome again Ladies and Gentleman to Click's Picks! I can't believe that we are already in our 5th week! Lets make this opening short and sweet and get right to the picks, can I get a drum roll please?!?!?!!!


Now for my top wallpapers, I have gone through our database and picked some new ones and old ones. So here are my picks for the week. Enjoy! 

Wall *E

Shoot This

Pink Skully 



Green Stripe 

There are More Wallpapers in's Wallpaper Gallery or Use the Wallpaper Maker to Create your own AND share them with the Community!


Here's five tones I came across this week:

And here are five of my favorites:

There are many more ringtones for your BlackBerry in's user-contributed Ringtone Gallery. Have some to share? Submit them!


For this week's videos I went with a little tough love by way of the Teutul's in American Chopper.. boy the sure can build some sick choppers! And for the runner up, I thought we could use some laughter with SouthPark.

To download, right mouse click on the images and click Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there. These videos courtesy of the always rock'n

Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture

& MORE!!!!!

Not a lot in the media world for me this week, just some minor things. As always check out the Podcast, I think we need to have a weekly Podcast and if you agree with me you can let Kevin and Craig know at I'd also like to take a second to give big ups to the folks at I think what they have going over there is GREAT! I know that some of the Moderation team here at CB use it and we love it! Head over and sign up and then take advantage of a free twitter application for your BB! TinyTwitter and TwitterBerry (download via your BB browser). So until next week, I thought it would be good to leave you with a couple of forum posts I think are worth checking out and leaving your two cents on:

See You Next Week, CLICK OUT!