ClearView Premium Theme For Tour, Pearl, 8900 and 83xx Series Devices

Here is a nice new theme that just showed up earlier today. ClearView is a premium theme that has been designed for the BlackBerry Tour, Pearl, Curve 8900 and 83xx series devices that looks really sharp no matter which you own. The icons as shown above are more like tabs that pop up on the main screen and are all customizable to your liking when it comes to order.

ClearView is available with or without weather slot options so if you have no need for that icon slot just look at getting the basic version of this one. Overall it's a very minimalistic theme that is easy on the eyes and well priced as well as it rolls in at just $2.99 for any version you do choose. No Bold or Storm love as of yet for this one, but hopefully that'll be coming soon.

  • More Screenshots And Purchase Options For ClearView Theme Available Here >>

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