So now that the awesome BlackBerry Classic has officially launched and hitting retailers around the world over the next few weeks it may leave some folk in a bit of a predicament. For those of you that are due to upgrade your smartphone it's possible that you're now left with the decision to make of whether to get the BlackBerry Passport or Classic.

There're pros and cons to both devices and which you decide on will really come down to personal preference. Many of you may find the Passport just a little too large or you may be one of the many that have just been waiting for the return of the 'toolbelt' on the Classic.

We already know there's a great deal of BlackBerry Passport users out there, but if you're now making up your mind which way to go please let us know in the following poll?

And feel free to hit up the comments as to why you've selected the device you have. It may help others make up their minds.