Classic Video Game Theme

Wow. This new theme by CSDesigns just made my week and it's only Monday morning. At $9.99 the "Classic Video Game Theme" (hrmm... Mario theme?!) is definitely expensive as far as Premium BlackBerry themes go, but after installing it and decking out my Curve with free Mario ringtones I'd argue the total experience is well worth it. It's Old School Cool and then some. Here's the official word on the theme:

Classic video game enthusiasts are in for a real treat with this kitchy-cool video game theme from CSDesigns. All your favorite heros and enemies are brought back to life in this accurate rendition of one of the greatest video games of all time! Features include:

  • Each icon includes an animated video game sprite
  • Icons are clear, crisp, and colourful
  • Backgrounds are simple but true to the game
  • The original font is used on the buttons in the dialog boxes
  • Twirling coins, dancing notes, shining bricks, and marching hammerhead characters are some of the animations used
  • New items are marked with a fireball
  • Custom battery and signal meters fade to grey as their power decreases
  • Available in Zen, Icon, and Today format for Pearls, 88xx series, and Curves.
  • All in all, this is one of the most transformative themes available.

Frak'n Awesome! Theme download links and free Mario ringtones after the jump!

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