Over the weekend YourFriendWayne from WJD Designs released his latest theme for the BlackBerry Storm, Clarity. Clarity follows up on the success of CANDi and brings with it a clean design that adds sliding screen action to a fully customizable dock. Features include:

  • 5 Custom on Screen Docked Icons
  • 32 Custom on screen Sliding Icons
  • Slide Selector Tool Helps you Know what Screen your On
  • Today Feature Enabled
  • Quick Code to provide quicker Performance
  • Fully Custom Icon Set
  • Plays well with 151 Leak and Many Others
  • Plays well with 5.0 Leaks

I absolutely love how themes are beginning to make use of sliding screen action. It really brings that feeling of having a desktop space that's larger than the actual dimensions of the piece of glass. Clarity sells for $4.99. You can get more info, see more screen caps and pickup Clarity at the link below.