Clarion- A Free Do It Yourself Theme From Elecite

Elecite has released their latest theme, Clarion. This theme however, is like no other Elecite has released. Clarion takes a "do it yourself" approach in the fact you essentially design the theme however you wish from a laid out set of options provided by Elecite. You can select your layout, icons, colors and font size after which you will be presented with a download link to your designed theme.

Currently, Storm owners are the only winners here as the set up is designed specially for those devices but here's to hoping Elecite expands the offering to other devices. I get the feeling they will once users see how cool the service is. At this time Clarion is a free theme, so give it a shot and be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of Elecites latest offering. Maybe we can convince em to speed up the process to offer it for other devices.