Citrix Receiver To Arriving This Month For BlackBerry Smartphones

Citrix has been around for a while now and chances are you may have used their offerings without even really knowing it. Be it to access documents from the office while at home or attend an online meeting. Citrix powers a lot of the internet happening with their products and connectivity options. As they are to PC's, Citrix is making a name in the mobile market now as well. Currently, Citrix has applications out for iPhone and Windows Mobile so stepping into the BlackBerry smartphone sector was indeed, the next step. For connectivity to remote PC's, Citrix is offering this:

Work Anywhere
  • Simply install, login, and work with instant, real-time access to Windows apps and docs hosted in your corporate XenApp environment.
Safe and Secure
  • Only keyboard input, screen gestures and screen updates traverse the network so that data, like e-mail and intellectual property, remains safe and secure on your company network.
Simple, Intuitive Navigation
  • Interact with Windows apps and docs using intuitive gestures to zoom, pan, click, scroll and type with ease.
High Definition Experience
  • Built-in support for Citrix HDX technologies deliver multi-media content including Flash(TM)-based websites and even 3D vector-based graphics.

All sounds good for those in need of services like this. Of course, this is not fully a consumer offering. It is intended for those in an enterprise and business environment. The expected launch for the BlackBerry application states December on the Citrix website, so hopefully it will come as scheduled with Android following soon after.

[ BESMgmt ]

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