During yesterday's keynote presentation at BlackBerry Jam, Christopher Smith, VP of BlackBerry Application Platform & Tools at RIM, chatted with David from Cisco about WebEx on BlackBerry 10. David explained that BlackBerry is a leading platform for them, and gave us a look at the new BlackBerry 10 app they're working on using Cascades. They have a lot of exciting things coming for those of you that use WebEx on a regular basis!

Luke from the Inside BlackBerry for Business team caught up with Mark Gervase of Cisco after the presentation and took a few minutes to discuss the new Cisco WebEx app for BlackBerry and the future of WebEx on the platform going forward. If your company uses WebEx for conferencing, then these are some exciting advancements you'll want to take advantage of starting in Q1 of next year. Click over to the source link below for a few screenshots, and if you missed the demo in the keynote yesterday you can see it during Christopher's presentation starting at the 15:30 mark.

Source: Inside BlackBerry for Business