Fancy protecting Rob, Larry, and Gus? They are the three birds that you must save in Circuit Panic which is available for the BlackBerry Z10, and what a wonderful game it is.

Circuit Panic is an Android port but it really doesn't feel like it as it's super smooth. The idea of the game is that the three birds are perched on cables and by making them jump you must avoid the electricity currents that will run across the cables. This is done in one of three ways - a small jump (which I tend not to use), a swipe will make them perform a longer jump and the final option is that you can make the birds jump from one cable to another, however this makes the game harder.

At either side of the cables are light bulbs. When one of these turns yellow it's a signal that the electricity is coming so at least you get a warning. Getting hit once won't kill the birds, although they will lose their feathers, but two hits and that bird is out of there. There are also bonus items that will appear on-screen at regular intervals. They don't stay there long so you need to be quick to jump over and collect them.

The graphics, sounds/music and game play are superb with Circuit Panic. Priced at less than a buck it sure gets the thumbs up from me. It could also be a little addictive!

Features of Circuit Panic include:

  • Protect 3 birds as they fly south to escape the onslaught of electrical surges.
  • Collect 20+ hats to customize your birds.
  • Experience 7 different environments with unique hazards in each.
  • An amazing soundtrack by Marius Masalar, composer for Star Command.
  • Endless re-playability with a survival mode that will put your skills to the test.
  • Unlock over 40 achievements.
  • Fly through the worlds with the help of 6 unique power-ups.
  • Compete for the highest scores against friends in each world.

If you give it a go, and I would urge you to, feel free to let us know how well you get on in the comments. I can assure you that I am actually better at the game than it appears in the video! Some games are just hard work to play from behind the tripod.

More information/Download Circuit Panic for BlackBerry 10