If you are rather partial to playing puzzle games on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone this one's little gem. Circle The Dot is another Android game and you can grab this one for free from the Amazon Appstore.

The concept of the game is to prevent the blue dot from reaching the edge of the grid. You do this by tapping the grid to insert orange dots. Sounds simple doesn't it? It most certainly isn't and I'm not even sure that beating the 'computer' is possible, but it's sure fun trying.

"Surround the blue dot with the orange dots before it escapes!"

Circle The Dot will either have you addicted and playing it more than you should, or wanting to throw your BlackBerry across the room with frustration. I wouldn't recommend the latter choice but if you get that feeling it's a sign of a good game.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you manage to stop the orange dot. I'm going to keep on trying.

How to install Circle The Dot using the Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10