Cipher SideBar Xtreme Theme!

John from Gadgetbean gave me a shout the other day to tell me about a new series of themes of his. My first thoughts were "Cool, another nice new theme" but then I got too actually downloading one from the series. It was all over from there... John has blown my mind with these themes! They are simply beautiful and well thought out. I grabbed Cipher Sidebar Xtreme - the side scroll has 15 icons in it that scroll vertically and even includes the function for 3rd party icons to be highlighted and look great at the same time, which some themes never accomplish. John has created a whole Cipher Series of themes for all the common devices, which are just amazing.

But really, talking about these themes really does nothing for them, check out the videos below for the full effect of the themes. Seriously, check out the vids!!

BOLD Cipher SideBar Xtreme
Cipher Xtreme - Curve/8800/8700
Pearl 8100/8800/8700/Curve Cipher Bounce


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