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Right now there is a lot happening with Research In Motion. The appointing of their new President and CEO Thorsten Heins is being looked at from all angles, their future as a technology company is being scrutinized and they're facing a lot of pressure as they attempt to work through their transition phase. I've mentioned a few times now on various CrackBerry podcasts that there is a lot more at stake here when it comes to Research In Motion and the negativity surrounding their current status is pretty overwhelming at times when all things are considered.

When people think about Research In Motion it's almost as if they see smartphones and nothing else that is important about the company. The people they employ, the money they donate to various charities and organizations and even their infrastructure and how it works Globally -- if Research In Motion 'fails' and 'just disappears' like so many folks proclaim they wish they would, it would have negative impacts that many people never consider.

The folks at CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo have considered these things though and as such, they made the above video to not only highlight some of the things outside the smartphone world that RIM has done but to also show their appreciation for those efforts and remind us -- there is more to Research In Motion beyond smartphones. Kudos to CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo for making the video and thinking beyond all the negative sentiments out there -- and a big thank you to RIM for everything, especially the things beyond smartphones. Maybe more people should join the Appreciation Motion for Research In Motion, what do you all think?