China Mobile BIS

Starting this month, customers may sign up for BIS at a Chine Mobile service center in BYOB fashion - Bring Your Own BlackBerry. As for pricing, BIS plans will start at RMB 98 (15 USD) with 30MB of monthly data allowance. To step it up a bit, customers can choose to pay 10 RMB (2 USD) more for a 50MB quota every month. Neither plan includes telephone service, though, as the intention is that both these plans function as an add-on to an existing service plan.

For many, this may very well be a dream come true and definitely, it is a step in the right direction. Previously, BlackBerry service in China was available to governmental and enterprise users only, to whom the luxury of a BES plan costs RMB 198 (30 USD) or more. But now, individuals may jump in and discover the world of BlackBerry as well - for an affordable price. Any CrackBerry readers from China taking advantage of this offer?

Source: Marbridge Consulting Via: BlackBerry Cool