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If you love photography, scrapbooking, or just looking for a way to showcase your favorite pictures while on the go then Chimpantech has just released two new applications for all you novices out there.

Both of these applications are easy to use photo editing tools for those looking to add color to or create collages with images taken from their camera or those stored on the device or memory card. All images are saved in their own folder in your picture library so that you can share with friends, family and followers by uploading to your social networks.



This application lets you create simple collages on your BlackBerry with a touch of a button. With it's easy to navigate controls you can choose your own background (10 different colors), select an image from your library or snap a shot on the spot, and then move, rotate and zoom it to where you want on the screen. You can repeat this for up to 50 images depending on your device.

FotoCollage is easy to use and offers a delete button so you can undo all of the images you are working on if you don't like what you've created no matter how many. However, it will delete the entire image and not just the changes made.

As of now its features are limited and it is unable to adjust image color, brightness, or contrast. I would love for it to add the ability to add frames, offer additional filters, or send images directly to BBM or social networks from within the application. However, it does create high quality images while on the go. 



Similar to FotoCollage in terms of usability and appearance, FotoColor lets you change the color of your photographs. Simply load your image in the viewer and choose from among 14 different colors. You can also zoom in/out, rotate, and move it the screen as you see fit with no lag and all changes take effect instantaneously.

Once all of your modifications have been made images are saved by scrolling to and selecting the big save button in the corner. It can be used in tandem with FotoCollage so you add a touch of color to your personal collages as well. There is no undo button so if you need to reset your image you will need to exit out of the application and reload the image.

FotoCollage & FotoColor

Overall, these applications may not offer the complete range of filters and features as their competitors but they are both are easy to use, offer the tools needed to get the job done, and most of all let you have fun with all of those candid shots stored on your BlackBerry.

Both of them are available in BlackBerry App World for $.99 each for most BlackBerry devices running OS 6 and higher. The developer is working on adding frames to FotoCollage and if there are any suggestions for future capabilities please be sure to let them know by dropping a line in the comments below. 

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