Just a quick heads up for you BlackBerry 10 gamers out there that haven't tried Chimpact before - today I'd urge you to grab it for free from Amazon.

Chimpact featured as Amazons free app of the day just a few months ago, so if you missed it then, you'll be pleased to see it's back today.

The aim of Chimpact is to control one of three monkeys who you must guide through the jungle canopy collecting gems, bananas and medallions. Using a catapult style style control there are many obstacles you will come across to make things a little more tasking. With three separate games - Gem Quest, Totem Trial and Quick Play there are hours of fun to be had.

I've been playing Chimpact on and off since 2012 when Chimpact first launched - for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Remember that? Oh the good old days!

Hit up the Amazon Appstore from your device to download the game.