home of The CrackBerry massageLive in or around Chicago and need that last minute gift for a BlackBerry-addicted friend or family member?  How about a gift card to Halo - The Spa For Men.  Among the rubs, shaves and backscratches sits "The CrackBerry".
"The CrackBerry: Pay by the minute chair massage and/or hand and forearm massage for the man on the go who can't put down the crackberry and relax in our spa. Perfect for someone who just wants a little extra attention."

Finally a spa that understands the addiction we all face!  The CrackBerry is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone who can't put their precious BlackBerry down (if you find one that can please let us know...they will be the first).  The "treatment" runs only $1 per minute.  Halo has 3 locations in Chicago and gift cards start at $50.


Contest Closed: Thanks for all the emails. Winners will be contacted by email and their names added to Halo's Gold Coast Location so they can come in during the next 12 months and claim the prize! **

Hey All, CrackBerry Kevin here cutting in on Adam's post. When I read it, I just couldn't help but give Halo a call. I got a hold of Halo's owner Bob (on his BlackBerry of course!) and we put together a little promo for all of CrackBerry.com's Chicago-based / visiting members...

Be one of the first ten people to shoot me an email (kevin at crackberry.com) with the subject line "GIVE ME THE CRACKBERRY" and you will win a FREE 10 Minute "The CrackBerry" Massage at Halo's Gold Coast Location at 21 West Elm Street, Chicago. Your name will get added to their system, so you'll have a full year in which to drop by and claim your prize.

And...it turns out Bob loves this site. He's going to add a link to CrackBerry.com next to the "The CrackBerry" massage on the Halo Spa Services page of their website. Thanks Bob! Kevin out.. back to Adam..

For more information, visit HaloChicago.com and be sure to check out this hands on review of "The CrackBerry".  

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