Chic Dock

When it comes to my display, I admit I lurk around the forums searching for themes and wallpapers to keep things fresh. For the past couple of weeks I've been eagerly waiting the release of a brand new theme by CJH that has been the subject of numerous posts in the what does your BlackBerry screen look like forum.

Bursting on to the scene with his inventive, functional, and visually appealing designs I've featured quite a few in the theme roundup. With all the buzz surrounding his latest release, Chic Dock, my theme addiction was finally appeased now that it is finally available in BlackBerry App World. 

Chick Dock Homescreen

First off let me just say that it takes talent and skill to hand code OS7 themes especially fully skinned ones with customized elements. Similar to their 12minidock theme, this one is chock full of features theme lovers will drool over. I, for one, must say it was worth the wait. Not only are there hotkeys to show/hide the bottom dock or the underlying image but there is a slide out panel to customize additional elements as well.

Chic Dock Control Panel

Panel Features

  • Banner Font
  • Weather Slot (slot # 11)
  • Dark Banner
  • Notification Color
  • Icon Dock Color/Pattern


  • Option menu - slide to right on top banner
  • Universal search - s
  • Profile - $
  • Hide dock image - alt + 2
  • Display dock image - alt + 1
  • Hide dock icon - alt + o
  • Display dock icon - alt + i

Chic Dock

If you are looking for a solid, smooth, and detailed design then do not let the name get in the way. Chic dock is an amazing theme filled with options and customizations right down to the icons that move when selected in the dock. This theme was built with your favorite wallpapers in mind. It opens up your display with the updated UI, new notification area (whose font can be changed from light to dark as shown above) and, of course, the small icons at the bottom of your first ten applications. While some may prefer them to be a little larger, I didn't find them to be too small.

If you haven't heard of CJH, I highly recommend you browse through their offerings in BlackBerry App World and in our forums. Chic Dock is only $.99 and is compatible with most devices running OS 5 and higher. Please note that icons in folders will be hidden on OS7 devices but can be accessed through Universal Search and that as of now you cannot click on the weather slot.

More information / screenshots and to purchase Chic Dock

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