Sina Weibo was announced at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, and we got to talk with one of the developers to see what's up. For those unfamiliar, Weibo is China's biggest social network. Its closest analogue would be Twitter, but you've also got a Facebook-style "Like" mechanism in place.

Running through the app, everything is smooth, responsive, and laid out sensibly, which are all things you want for your go-to social network, whatever it happens to be. There's system-level Accounts support, but not place in the Hub just yet - that's coming in a future update. Images are supported well with in-line viewing and uploading from your device.

How many Weibo users do we have here anyhow? Should we start brushing up on our Mandarin and kick open a CrackBerry account? The BB10 will be going live in the next couple of days.