It's Wallpaper Wednesday! Keep reading to see what awesome wallpapers we have for you this week.

CrackBerry Wallpaper Wednesday

It's Wednesday again so you know what that means ... wallpapers! This week I've picked a bunch of fun ones that I'll be keeping in my rotation for a while. They are kind of all over the place but all look great on their respective device. Our galleries rely on your submissions, so send in all you can to keep them going strong. Maybe one of yours will show up here next week. 

If you're not registered already you'll need to do so in order to download from the gallery (don't worry, it's free!). Keep reading for a random sampling of my picks for the week!

Retro Mario Rendering by Me - 640x480



deadpool dizzy - 640x480

deadpool dizzy


bbcubes - 480x640


Lord Vader - 480x360

Lord Vader


The world at night from space - 1024x1024

You can always find the latest wallpapers for your BlackBerry phone or tablet in our FREE CrackBerry wallpaper gallery. Be sure to submit your own creations using the CrackBerry Wallpaper Maker (also free!) to share with the CrackBerry nation.

Want a bit more wallpaper love? Check out the CB Wallpaper Changer app in BlackBerry App World!

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