Skins for devices have been around for some time though they're becoming few and far between for BlackBerry 10 owners. There are some companies that still sell skins for BlackBerry devices, and a UK-based company has started to offer up skins for BlackBerry 10 models. Join us as take a look at a few of them.

UKarbon has a variety of skins on offer. From the popular carbon look, to matte skins like leather and wood. They have different colors for each type too. I got hold of a black leather skin for the BlackBerry Passport, the orange skin for Passport Silver Edition. The simplest skin to apply was the one for the original Passport; the hardest was for the Z30. The skins are pretty straightforward to apply, and you can easily tell what goes where. With some skins, you will need to apply heat to help soften the skin so that it folds over curves and corners better. Heat is definitely recommended for the Passport SE and Z30 skins, as the skins have to wrap around some subtle curves.

All are of great quality. They have been on my Passport for almost a month and for a heavy user like me, the quality has not degraded, and there are no signs of wear at all. I even purposefully scratched the skins with a coin and keys for this write-up, and there was no affect on the skins whatsoever. They're not as grippy as I'd like, but they're not so slippery that I feel like I would drop my phone. I applied the parts that go onto the side of the Passport SE, and that helps to add some traction to it.

Overall, I love these skins a lot. I've never really been into skins before but since getting my first one, I can't get enough of them. At the moment, you there are skins available for the Passport, Passport SE, Classic, Z10, Z30 — and the BlackBerry Priv has just been added, too. Prices will vary depending on device and skin design. When you make an order through the UKarbon website, you can request a free sample of any design to see what it's like.

You can watch the video above to watch me apply the skin on my Passport and also to get a closer look at them. If you've wanted to get some skins for your BlackBerry devices, definitely check these out.

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