Check out MockIt! in BlackBerry Beta Zone

When it comes to BlackBerry Beta Zone, you'll normally find BlackBerry apps go into beta. Anyone with a Beta Zone account, in the regions available, can join any of the available programs available to them and beta test apps, then provide feedback. Today, we see an app make its way to Beta Zone that hasn't been developed by BlackBerry. Instead an app developed by developer in the BlackBerry community. A developer who's brought us the SpaceTV app, amongst others.

The app is called MockIt! and it allows you to generate memes from the images provided in the app. On top of that you can create device renders using screenshots you've taken. Great for when you want to showcase an app or something similar on a BlackBerry device. You'll find there is a third section but that has yet to be populated. The app is very simple at the moment but it is in beta and we shall see functionality added in due course.

Features coming soon

  • More memes!
  • Ability to use any image for a meme 
  • More backgrounds for device mocks 
  • Photo frames to use with any image 
  • Image overlay effects for any image 
  • ...and more fun photo goodies!

The app is for BlackBerry 10 only and if you have BlackBerry Beta Zone account, just load up the Beta Zone app and check for eligible programs, once you join the program, you can download MockIt! from there.

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app for BlackBerry 10