Check out Hub10 in Beta Zone for a dark themed Hub

Have you been longing for a dark theme for the Hub on BlackBerry 10? You're not alone. A developer has been working on an app that gives us a dark themed Hub. The app works exactly like the Hub, in the way it looks and even has the triage options that came about in OS 10.3. It still in the early days of development right now but you can check it out through BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Since the app is in beta, a lot of the functionality isn't quite working yet. Most of it is just in preview mode to get a feel for what the app will look like. The main Hub view is just a preview, so you can tap into the messages, however if you filter into an account, you can tap the message to open it. You can't reply to messages but you can compose new ones. Here's a list of Hub10 features right now.

  • Preview themes (Settings -> Display and Actions -> Theme)
  • Priority Hub
  • Email tabs (Social tabs will come in later)
  • Pinch filters
  • Cascaded search filters
  • Compose (Rich/Plain text)
  • Calendar Events
  • View and search emails
  • Add to contacts from email recipient lists

The developer is open to feedback and suggestions, so if you do download it you should definitely give your feedback, either through Beta Zone or the CrackBerry Forums, where the developer has been actively responding to questions and feedback. You will need a Beta Zone account and the Beta Zone app to download the app. If you haven't got an Beta Zone account, you can sign up for one for free. Note that Beta Zone availability is limited to certain regions.

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