Looking for a new game to play to kill time? You should check out E.X.O. Recently released, E.X.O. is a platformer where you have to avoid obstacles and shoot enemies to complete each level. The BlackBerry World description says it's challenging and I am finding that it is. I can't even get past the first level. But maybe that's because I'm not that good at these types of games.

While not being very good at shooter games, I do enjoy playing them especially when game play, graphics and everything else is very well made. This is the case with E.X.O. The developer has been working on the game for a few months now and he kept tabs on his progress via the CrackBerry Forums. We've showcased some of the developer's games before and was looking forward to this game. It doesn't disappoint.

Controlling your character is simple. E.X.O. automatically moves forward, to avoid obstacles tap on the right side of the screen to jump. Double-tapping makes the character jump higher. To shoot at enemies use the onscreen target icon on the bottom left. You'll find another icon just above that which has multiple functions. It can boost your forward or it can lock your character in a floating/hover position. To do the latter just tap jump first then this arrow icon to lock your character in that position. Press the icon again to drop down from hovering. Whenever you perform an action you lose energy. You can see your energy bar at the top. Collect orbs along your path to restore energy levels. All-in-all, E.X.O. is a fun and challenging game to play.

You can check out the video for game play. I couldn't get very far and it's hard to play from behind a camera but by the end of the day I did complete the first stage. Stage 2 changes things up and you'll require the boost powerup a lot for those levels.

E.X.O. features

  • 35 Levels
  • Including 5 bonus levels with an unlockable character
  • Satisfying and intense gameplay
  • NO ADS
  • NO micro transactions
  • Challenging but rewarding levels with a steady progression of difficulty through the 5 stages

My only gripe with E.X.O. is that it is only available on full touchscreen devices. The developer wants to give the best experience and feels that experience will be degraded on square screens. Perhaps maybe not so much on a Passport but as of right now, you can only download it onto full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

E.X.O. costs $0.99, however there is a free lite version available which includes the first 14 levels - Stage 1 - of the game. If you enjoy it, it will be worth upgrading to the full version. If you have any feedback and suggestions for the developer you can drop a note in the forum thread.

For more information / Purchase E.X.O. from BlackBerry World
For more information / Download E.X.O. Lite from BlackBerry World