Check out Buno an alternative note-taking app

I've been looking for a new note-taking app since Evernote recently made changes to their services and one app became available not too long ago - Buno. The name is short of Bucket Notes, and while it's simple in nature, it has proved quite useful for my note-taking activities.

Buno has a minimal design, but that can keep you from distraction while taking notes. It makes use of swipe gestures which aides in given it a clean UI. Below is a list of features found in Buno.

  • Swipe to take a note, swipe again to save
  • Swipe Right in a note to automatically add bullets
  • Swipe Left on the main screen for options – share, delete, move
  • Bucket (folder) system for organizing notes easily
  • Minimal, Clean and Clutter-free UI – focus on taking notes
  • PIN based security (4 digit PIN)
  • Real-time cloud sync and notes backup
  • Multi-device access – Buno can be connected and synced across unlimited devices
  • End-to-end Encryption – Buno uses the highest grade security techniques to make sure your data is encrypted and secure
  • Social sign-in – use Facebook or Google for quick access
  • Share notes directly through Buno – no need for Copy Paste!
  • Word, Character and Paragraph count – keep track of what you're writing
  • Add multiple images to the same note
  • Hardware keyboard support

The gestures make it easy to use. I create a note all you have to do is swipe down and start typing. When you're done writing your note just swipe down again to save your note. You can organise your notes into categories known as 'Buckets'. When viewing your list of notes, you can swipe left on any of them to bring up more options - More, Share, Delete.

While Buno does allow you to sync your notes between devices, it does not have a desktop version as of yet, but the developer has said that a web app is coming. When that does come, I think Buno might become a go-to note-taking app.

Buno is available in Google Play for the BlackBerry Priv and is free to download.

Learn more / Download Buno from Google Play

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