The BlackBerry Passport is one hotly anticipated device and while we've already seen a ton of it already, there's still plenty more to show off. If you can't quite get a feel for the device then allow us to possibly help. We've managed to get our hands on plenty of screenshots that look to be from demo material of the device and of course, it's running 10.3 so that's a bit of an additional bonus. Keep in mind, the screenshots here have actually been reduced in size just to be able to show them to you better. The full blown size of the images is that of the device itself being 1440x1440. Just massive.

BlackBerry 10.3 on the Passport is looking crazy awesome and these are only screenshots. I can't wait to get hands on the real deal. Also, if you missed it we added NEW images of the contextual keyboard as well which shows it off in a better way than the previous leaked photos did. Be sure to hit those up!

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