BatBerry Project

A few weeks back I came across a sweet blog from Tim Neil (who is a development manager at RIM) via his Twitter feed. It turns out that when he's not hacking away at RIM during the day, Tim actually has an undying love for Batman. Mixed with his love of cars (his Subaru WRX is pretty amazing) he decided to create his own Batmobile (dubbed the BatBerry project). The cool thing about it is that he is going to power and control the auxilary systems by a WebWorks application running on the PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone. If that's not cool I don't know what is. His blog is updated pretty frequently and he talks about all the cool additions/updates as he moves along in the project. Follow along with the Batberry Project at Tim's blog and see the creation come to life.

Check out the Batberry Project