If you've visited iMore, WP Central or even Android Central in the past little while, you will have noticed they all got a little bit of a makeover. Now, the time has come for CrackBerry to roll it out as well. If you're on your desktop or using your mobile browser (Things are still moving around for the mobile version so chill if it doesn't look just right yet, it will soon.), look up top. You'll see that glorious new header that was lovingly designed to help making getting around CrackBerry even easier.

In the top left we have the styled CrackBerry logo, and if you click the dropdown portion you have quick access to all the Mobile Nations site links. Then we have our main sections, the ones for phones, for help and how to, for apps and games, as well as latest news and rumors. Next is the search, your profile and account, and the hamburger menu. Yeah. That's what it's called. Click or tap on the hamburger and you get the sidebar where you can quickly browse the latest news, apps, games, reviews, forums posts, how to, accessories, free wallpapers, free ringtones and even a spot to tip us on news.

In order to make sure you don't miss out on anything, the story blocks on the home page will show you what we think are the most important pieces from the last few days. On the inner pages, we'll show you a mix of what's new, what's recommended, and what's popular. A lot of the stuff will change on its own, so if a post is being viewed a lot, it will be start appearing in those sections. This is something we had in place before but it has now been improved based on reader feedback. Also, you'll notice as you move through topics the header will change and find all stories involving that topic, it's really useful when you're looking for related content.

The header is brand new and it's really awesome once you start using it. While CrackBerry and Connectedly are the last two sites to get the update, that means a lot of the stuff has already been tested and corrected but if you notice anything, please let us know! We'd also love your feedback on the new design and functionality both. We realize change can be jarring sometimes, but please do give it a real try, and some time, and then leave a comment below with any thoughts or suggestions you have.

To make this all happen, we brought together Marcus and Kevin, the fine work of our Director of Design, David and Lead Creative, Jose, and our not often enough recognized resident code wranglers Tom, Steph, Mike, Nav, and the entire CrackBerry/Mobile Nations tech team. In the end, it was made entirely for you, and to make sure you have an even better experience here at CrackBerry and there's more to come!