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OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT chat AI tool, has a new option for business uses: ChatGPT Enterprise. This new paid tier of ChatGPT uses the more capable GPT-4 multimodal language model (versus the 3.5 the public can use for free), with the promise of unlimited usage and twice-as-fast performance. But more importantly for many businesses, it segregates their data and submissions into the system from access by anybody else, even OpenAI.

Companies will even be able to load their own datasets into ChatGPT to train the generative AI on how to respond in the context that's important for their industry. The addition of these tools will allow OpenAI to market ChatGPT in a way that can make them money, while also saving companies the time, hassle, and cost of spinning up their own in-house AI. Of course it won't be cheap, as OpenAI's own costs to train and run ChatGPT are astronomical.

OpenAI has a broad potential customer base, as many companies are interested in at least dabbling in AI. As their own internal data shows, they've "seen teams adopt it in over 80% of Fortune 500 companies." But "we have a user with an email address" doesn't mean that ChatGPT has seen deep adoption in the company. Still, the option for companies to train a powerful generative AI tool on their data without having to finance and build the large language model themselves will be a tempting one for many to try.

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