It was only at the weekend that we posted details and a video of me playing Saving Yello on the BlackBerry Z10. Just a couple of days have past and already another Yello game has arrived in BlackBerry World - this time its Chasing Yello. There is only one similarity between the two and that's the main character - Yello.

This time Yello is trying to escape from 7-year-old Mathilda and is making his getaway along a raging river. The aim of the game is to escape her grasp but also to collect stars along the way to earn points and cash. As well as using the tilt controls to maneuver Yello you must also navigate a host of obstacles that will be in your way. There are three ways to do this - move around them, jump over them or dive under. An upwards swipe on the screen will make Yello jump and a downwards swipe is used to dive. I suppose the controls aren't too dissimilar to those on Temple Run that you may of heard your iPhone or Android buddies talking about.

Chasing Yello is a bunch of fun and a must have download if you have been lucky enough to pick up a BlackBerry Z10. Plus it's free which is always a bonus. What are you waiting for - hit the link below and enjoy.

More information/Download Chasing Yello for BlackBerry 10