Win This Quilt!!!

The eBay charity auction for a CrackBerry handmade, one of a kind, king-sized BlackBerry Storm quilt is now live! All proceeds from the auction are going to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, so be sure to BID HIGH!!!

This awesome quilt was created by Heather as her winning entry in's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest and earned her a free BlackBerry Storm. For more photos and to see Heather's making of the quilt video, click here.

Think you're the biggest BlackBerry Addict there is? Prove it! Win this auction! It's for a good cause and you'll be a CrackBerry Hero. And if willing, we'll feature the auction winner on the CrackBerry blogs once he/she takes delivery of the BlackBerry Storm quilt.

Please Note: The eBay auction lists shipping as to the United States only, but don't worry, we'll ship the quilt anywhere in the world free of charge. And heck, since I'm the one shipping out the box, if the bidding gets impressively high I'll even throw in a few extra CrackBerry goodies. **