Charger Alert

We first featured Charger Alert for BlackBerry 10 back in July 2013 and it has now received a welcome update to version 2.5. As I said then - my favorite feature is that you can leave your BlackBerry unattended on charge and if someone was to unplug it they are going to have an alarm blasting at them - therefore hopefully ensuring they drop the device and disappear. 

As well as doing all the stuff it did initially - the update brings a selection of new features as you'll see below. 

New in Charger Alert Version 2.5

  • Big improvements in the settings and customization of the app.
  • Plugged In alert provides notification when you connect the device to a charger.
  • Alerts can now be activated automatically from the settings menu.
  • Option to have the app minimized when started.
  • Improved audio playback of alerts.
  • Ability to browse and select device notification sounds for use as alerts.
  • Low battery level indicator now based on user setting.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Complete with a rather useful and attractive Active Frame and with Charger Alert being free to download what's the harm in giving it a whirl? There is a pro edition if you want it, but in the meantime see how you get on with the free version. 

More information/Download Charger Alert for BlackBerry 10