Imagine you have your BlackBerry 10 smartphone on charge and for whatever reason you need to move away from it. It could be that you work in an office or even that you want protection from your kids helping themselves - well, Charger Alert has you covered.

There are a few features within the app but the best one for sure is that if your BlackBerry is unplugged it will sound an alarm, not only making you aware - but hopefully scaring the crap out of whoever has their hands on your precious BlackBerry. There are options for the type of notification you want to use but the 'siren' one as seen in the video is the best by far and as long as you have your volume cranked up it's going to do its job.

This version of Charger Alert is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices and with it you just get the unplugged alert option. But, if you fancy being alerted when your battery is fully charged or when it reaches a certain temperature then you can purchase the full version from within the app. It will also get rid of the adverts.

With a sweet Active Frame showing battery percentage, battery temperature and alerts - this just tops off what I love about native BlackBerry 10 applications. The app won't be for everyone, including me as I'm never away from my BlackBerry, but for many of you this one could come in real handy.

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