As someone in the corporate world who spends the day either at their desk, on a conference call, or in a meeting, I cannot stress enough the importance of switching your sound profile. From that awkward ring to the ding of an email those situations are best to be avoided.

Now if you are not already aware, there are quite a few applications to help manage your notifications. One I recently came across is Profiler, a long running and headless app that allows users to create a scheduled profile and change notification modes based on your calendar events or Geo location.

Upon first glance, the layout is plain and simple with all the features accessible at the menu at the bottom of the screen. The icons do not exactly follow the standard BlackBerry 10 buttons seen in the past but I do like them. Usability and functionality have always been first and foremost what makes an application stand out for me. That is exactly what you have here.

All of the profiles created are listed in the main screen, with each one denoted by the color assigned to it on the left side. For example, purple for silent, blue for vibrate only, or green for normal. These are your base profiles through which you will create your own customized profiles. When you create a new profile by tapping on the "new" button on the profile tab, users may input a new name, adjust the volume, and use the sliders to turn on or off the sound, vibrate, LED, or preview functions. Once that is complete, just tap save and it does the rest. Being able to create events, schedules, and locations follow suit and are also easy to establish.

What I do like is how, when you connect to your calendar, you can choose which profile you want for Free, Tentative, Busy, and Out of Office times. Please note though that I do not have my work calendar on my BlackBerry so I have created duplicate entries on my personal one when using this application.

If you swipe down and tap on settings, not only are you presented with all of the different modifiable functions but they also presented in a clean and easy to read way. From here you can toggle between the dark and bright theme, change which tab appears on startup, backup / restore your settings, and turn on or off the scheduled, calendar, or location profiles.


  • Scheduled profiles: You can create a scheduled profiles to change your device global notification mode (Silent, Vibrate Only, Normal, Phone Calls Only, All Alerts Off). This feature is time based, as well as you can set a recurrence.
  • Calendar events: Calendar based profiles works just like scheduled profiles, with only difference, that they are based on your calendar events. You can set a custom profile for all events 'Busy statuses' - Free, Busy, Tentative, Out Of Office, and per calendar in your device.
  • Geo profiles: You can save your current location and bind a custom profile to it. The profile will be triggered, when you enter a saved location.

For me, Profiler offers a convenient way to manage your profiles based on your schedule. For instance, I can schedule for it to remain on vibrate during the day but using my calendar, have it switch to silent for when I in meetings.

If you are concerned about application permissions, the developer included a list of all that are required and an explanation in the BlackBerry World description. Profiler is $1.99 to purchase for BlackBerry 10 but there is also a full-featured, though non-headless and lacks geo support, free version available as well.

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