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Chalk Media Corp. today announced that it has developed a mobile version of its 'Chalkboard' online training software to work on the BlackBerry. This software enables the rapid creation of media-rich and enterprise-controlled mobile content that can be pushed securely to wireless handheld devices and tracked.

Chalk showed off its new mobile software at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando and apparently had a positive reaction.

“We have had a lot of interest in our new software from Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies attending the Wireless Enterprise Symposium,” said Stewart Walchli, President and CEO of Chalk. “The software works with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and allows corporations, government agencies and other organizations worldwide to prepare a full array of content and to deliver that content to users on their BlackBerry. Video, audio, animation, text and graphics can be pushed to the user in a highly secure environment, and the software tracks the viewing of the content by each recipient and reports the details back through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.”

Chalk’s online training software and content help organizations train their employees, business partners and customers. Read the full release here.

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