Whether you're a parent, child, spouse, relative or friend, odds are there is someone in your life who requires a daily medication. Not too long ago I brought you PillPad by Alade Designs for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This application stores and tracks your prescriptions and dosages on a daily basis. It is especially useful for those with various health conditions that require multiple medications or for monitoring members of your entire family.

This time around, the developer made significant improvements to PillPad when porting over to BlackBerry 10. It is now a native application which means the overall performance is faster and smoother. As with the original version, there are links to popular medical reference websites and pharmacies in the US, UK, and Canada, and the ability to create profiles for each member of your family to enter in their respective pharmaceutical needs. There is also a section to input your physician's name and number for reference purposes or just storing all in one place in case of an emergency.

Those individuals suffering from chronic conditions benefit in the long term with a system that records their medications. PillPad not only sorts them for peace of mind but is perfect when visiting a Doctor's office or Emergency Room. In these situations you can't always focus, and rather than sit there trying to recall each and every one, you simply pull out your device and show it to the nurse. Reliable and easy to use, CF PillPad HD comes with a purchase price of $1.99. 

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