CES Live

The craziness that is CES continues. I'm tight on time as I type this so I'll keep it short and sweet. As soon as this podcast is done, we're recording a Smartwatch Fans podcast, then a CrackBerry podcast (where we'll talk about the lunch I had earlier this week with John Chen; written interview coming tomorrow), and then our #CESlive show kicks off at 11:30am PT.

Today I'm co-hosting #CESlive for the first couple hours. We have a bunch of great guests lined up. And the first guest is Alex Kinsella from the BBM team. He's going to show us some never before seen on a live show stuff, so be sure to tune in and watch at crackberry.com/CESlive.

If you're on the ground in Vegas and are attending CES, be sure to swing by the lower level of the South Hall and look for our #CESlive stage per the picture above. Come and say hi and you can check out my P'9982!! :)