January 8th

It's only the second day of CES, but things didn't slow down in the slightest. Between everything happening on the #CESlive stage and the ongoing insanity of the show floor, day 2 of CES 2014 was, for lack of a better term, insane. Kevin checked out the BlackBerry-aping Typo keyboard for iPhone, John Legere insulted the competition, WWE dumped everything they've got on the web, and Georgia tasered herself — along with much much more.

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Polaroid's back

Polaroid swung by the #CESlive stage to show off the latest in their product line. The C3 action cam offers 720p recordings with a 120° angle lens and a magnetic mount. But the really crazy part was the Socialmatic camera, which leverages ZINK printing tech to spit out instant photos. But unlike the Polaroids of old, you can review the photos before printing them onto the special chemically-treated themosensitive paper.

T-Mobile will pay your termination fee

John Legere has some words for the competition

T-Mobile under CEO John Legere has proven to be an entertaining company. They know they're the #4 carrier right now, and they're not afraid to poke the bear(s). Today's "Uncarrier 4" announcements were a natural extension of that philosophy. T-Mobile will now compensate you for the termination-fee cost of switching from another carrier (up to $650, depending on how many lines you're porting) and is offering every phone in their line-up for $0 down — you just pay for it over the following months.

CrackBerry Kevin on Typo keyboard for iPhone

A complete rip-off

To anybody with a passing familiarity with technology, it was blatantly obvious where Typo pulled inspiration for design of their portrait-style iPhone keyboard. We had to wonder how good it might be, but after Kevin tried out the keyboard and declared it "such a complete rip off of a BlackBerry keyboard that there was nearly ZERO adjustment needed" from using a BlackBerry Q10, we knew it to be true: they made a good keyboard for iPhone, but they made it by aping BlackBerry.

WWE Network smackdown

Way over the top

In what was easily the most entertaining keynote of CES (sorry, Michael Bay and John Legere), WWE announced their new 24/7 online TV service. Comprised of both a channel-style service of scheduled programming and a comprehensive on-demand back catalog of everything in the history of WWE, WWE Network looks to be an impressive service. Especially when you throw in all of the pay-per-view events from WWE, all at the impressive price of $9.99 a month.

Georgia tasers herself with an iPhone

The title says it all

With all the new and prototype electronics at CES, it's a wonder people aren't shocked more intensely on a regular basis. But it's rare such electrical transfers happen on purpose. When Georgia swung by the booth of Yellowjacket to check out their new taser-toting iPhone case/battery, they refused to use the device on her. So she took matters into her own hands and used the taser on herself. It hurt. It also can recharge your iPhone with its embedded battery, but through understandably more traditional means. CES is weird.