One of the companies at CES 2010 this year that caused a bit of a buzz was ZAGG. Most people are familiar with ZAGG as they are the makers of Invisible Shields - voted by the CrackBerry community as the Best BlackBerry Clear Skin in 2009. At CES last they week the company showed off a couple new, entirely different products, which shows for 2010 ZAGG is really stepping up their game in the smartphone accessories space.

ZAGGbox (video above): How do you describe the ZAGGbox? Think of it as slingbox meets personal center meets Zentral Home Command. The ZAGGbox has a terrabyte harddrive that stores your personal and recorded media content and can play it all back on your tv very quickly via remote. Right now there's only an iPhone app (BlackBerry app coming soon), which allows your device to also become the remote control. From there, you can stream back any of your content right to the mobile device. It's pretty slick. No word on exact pricepoint yet, but we should know soon. This is a pretty big play for ZAGG and I can see there being demand for the product. It'll be interesting to watch them ramp up to meet the demand.

ZAGGsparq (video below): Yet another charging solution at CES 2010. This one isn't wireless, but it is portable and offers 6000mAh of backup power to recharge devices that can connect to the ZAGGsparq via a usb cable. It's a nice tight, well-designed unit. 

Good stuff from ZAGG. If all goes well, 2010 should prove to be a big year for them!