Sick of reading blog posts and seeing videos yet about smartphone charging solutions? Apologies for that, but seriously, there was a TON of it going on at CES 2010. One of the COOLEST things going on, which I didn't get to check out in person but you can see in the video above courtesy of ohgizmo, is RCA's hotspot harvesting charger and battery pack. The devices literally leach the energy that's floating around in WiFi signals and transfer it into the charger and/or battery pack, now making it useable to recharge or power your device. Tesla would be proud. Honestly, I've never been one to freak out over all the invisible stuff that's floating around in the air, but seeing gadgets like this has me thinking the hot items we'll see at CES 2011 are tin foil hats and tin-lined underwear which protect us from the effects of this stuff. :)

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