Ok ok... so the number of companies starting to offer wireless charging solutions for smartphones is growing (it's already becoming a little overwhelming to be honest) but after leaving CES 2010 in my opinion it's the folks at PowerMat that are leading the charge. Their original 2009 PowerMat solution was already compelling and sold over 700,000 units in no time, but it's their upcoming PowerPak system that is going to blow the doors off the wireless charging market for smartphones.

Check out the video above. With their new PowerPak for BlackBerry (also to be available for a bunch of other manufacturers and devices), the standard OEM battery door remains on the device. Instead, they're replacing the manufacturer's battery with one of their own that has the magical inductive charging technology built into it. Seriously. This is something I've been hoping RIM would do (like Palm does with their Touchstone), but PowerMat is doing it now. Well, not quite now... it'll be available in June, but they had the pre-release stuff at the show working just fine by the looks of it. What I love about this solution is that it doesn't exclude existing accessories, like the bedside charging pod or cases and skins from being used, as the battery door does not change. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Can you tell I'm excited? Like seriously. Wicked. Need it NOW.