MogoTalk has been available for the iPhone for a little while now and last night at ShowStoppers at CES 2010 they were showing off some pre-release versions of their MogoTalk accessory coming to BlackBerry Smartphones. MogoTalk offers a pretty elegant solution to an annoying problem - carrying around a bluetooth headset and ensuring it's actually charged. MogoTalk offers a case that surrounds your BlackBerry, offering protection, and on the back actually houses a bluetooth headset. On MogoTalk for BlackBerry, the cases feature a charging port that allow you to charge both your device and your headset at the same time. So with MogoTalk, you'll always have your bluetooth headset with you and always have it charged and ready to be put to use. Not a bad concept at all.

You can follow for more information. Right now they're looking at a Q2 release. We'll be sure to review it as they hit the market to see how well it performs in everyday life. Definitely a unique and useful concept for those who use a bluetooth headset regularly.