CES 2010 is rolling along and I've got a ton of video footage and hands-ons that'll be flowing through the blogs in the days to come. Last night at ShowStoppers, Duracell was on hand to show off their charging solutions for smartphones. They have portable batteries that'll push some juice into your device when your battery dies down and also have a wireless charging solution.

It seems wireless charging is all the rage right now.... the convenience is definitely a benefit I think most BlackBerry owners would enjoy. What I'd really like to see by CES 2011 though is not a third party solution, but for RIM to start building BlackBerry Smartphones that feature an inductive back and then sell a wireless charger/dock (like Palm has done with their Pre/Pixi and Touchstone). Though I guess when you use an accessory like the BlackBerry bedside charging pod nightly, whether its wireless or not doesn't really matter, since the device is serving dual purpose at that point (charging and an alarm clock). Ahh well... good to see there is lots of choice for consumers out there!