CES 2010

We officially started CES yesterday, and after spending the whole day on the show floor I am officially on overload with all the things to see and do. We have plenty of videos and news on the way from our entire team here in Vegas, but I did come across a few things today that are worth mentioning, so I'm going to quickly touch on them here to give you a heads up on some exciting developments. Hit the jump for some notable announcements, and stay tuned for more BlackBerry news from CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

Slacker Radio coming to Canada!

While at the RIM booth today, I got a chance to talk to the boys from Slacker Radio, and grilled them on their imminent release into Canada. A very exciting event, for those of us that have been denied all that wonderful Slacker goodness north of the border. While I couldn't get anything firm out of them (not allowed to say anything apparently) they have told me that it will be "soon enough" to make us Canucks very happy.

On a side note, I also got the opportunity to play with the new Slacker 3.0 beta, and was blown away by the revamped UI and the amount of tweaks they have now included in the Settings to enhance your Slacker experience. The new beta also allows for streaming and caching over Wifi, which should be a major plus for those of us not on an unlimited data plan. We'll try and snag some video and give it a good once over so we can spread the love.

Xobni for BlackBerry

For those of you who know and love Xobni like me, this is some extremely exciting news. I had the opportunity to talk to Eric from Xobni about the upcoming release of the Xobni app for BB.

Providing all the functionality you have come to expect from Xobni, packaged in a BlackBerry app, this is one application sure to be loaded on my device the moment it releases. For those who don't know what Xobni does, it essentially indexes your inbox and links contacts and subjects together, compiling a profile for them as well as establishing relationships between the contacts for easy cross-referencing. It also tracks stats such as conversations and frequency of communication, allowing you to get a good handle on the contacts you talk to most. The app allows you to import contacts and profiles from Outlook, or just use the native contact book on the device to compile profiles. Xobni has been in development for all too long but it sure to be a huge hit when we finally get a hold of it.

I am told that the app should be out in a private beta to RIM testers early this month, with a release to follow sometime in Q1, so a bit more watiing and hopefully we'll actually get to play with it in the next few months. For more info on what Xobni is or to start using it with Outlook right now check out xobni.com.

Ed Hardy Icing Cases for your BlackBerry Smartphone

Hands down one of my favorite booths at CES, for various reasons (see one of our hottest videos to date) I fell in love with these cases the moment I laid eyes on them. If you are a fan of Ed Hardy tattoos, you must check these out. The first time I went by the booth, all that they had on display were cases for the 85xx series and the 9700. After some sweet talking, I convinced them to bring me out some additional samples for other devices on Sunday.Ed Hardy seems to be all over the place as of late, so phone cases are a sure hit in their lineup. To check out the full product line available, check out their site at crystalicing.com

That wraps up the major updates from yesterday for me, stay tuned for more throughout the rest of the show. If you aren't already, you can follow the CB crew on twitter for updates throughout the show as they happen.

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